Below is a list of valid <FirstClass Tags> for use in templates, and their descriptions:

<FirstClass Body> This tag is used to display the contents of a particular CGI script. For example, this tag used on the template place_ad.html will cause the dynamic output from the place_ad.cgi script to be be placed where this tag is.
<FirstClass AdWatch> Used on view_ads.html. Will display a link to the AdWatch function, if enabled in the administration screen.
<FirstClass CategoryPulldown> Used on view_ads.html and will display a pulldown list of all ad categories as specified in the administration screen. Totals of ads will be included.
<FirstClass CategoryLinks> Displays all ad categories and totals in a table with links to display all ads of a particular category.
<FirstClass KeywordSearch> Used in the view_ads.html template to provide a keyword search box.
Tags used in ad_format.html to display ad data:

<FirstClass BriefDescription> Displays the ad's brief description.
<FirstClass CategoryName> Displays the ad's category name.
<FirstClass AdId> Displays the unique ad ID assigned to the ad.
<FirstClass PictureLink> Displays an image with a link to the larger pop-up window for fullsize images for an ad.
<FirstClass UrlLink> Displays a link to the URL provided by the owner of the ad, if present.
<FirstClass DatePosted> Displays the date the ad was posted.
<FirstClass EmailLink> Displays a Mailto: link to the ad's contact e-mail address.
<FirstClass ContactSeller> This tag can be used in place of <FirstClass EmailLink> to keep the seller's e-mail addresses secret. Instead of displaying the e-mail addresses for ads, a link to a special form for contacing the seller is used. In addition to keeping the seller's address private, it also prevents SPAM harvesting bots from acquiring the e-mail addresses of your users.
<FirstClass AdPhone> Displays the contact phone number provided by the owner of the ad, if present.
<FirstClass HitCounter> Displays a 5-digit hit counter for the ad.
<FirstClass LongDescription> Displays the ad's long description.
<FirstClass ThumbSize> Returns the size of the thumbnail in pixels as specified in the admin screen. Can be used for width tags.
<FirstClass ThumbLinkToAd> Displays a link to a fullsize ad. The link is the thumbnail of the first uploaded picture for an ad.
<FirstClass BriefDescriptionWithLink> Displays the ad's brief description as a link to the fullsize ad.

Electricware can also custom create tags for you if the above tags don't cover your needs.

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