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FirstClass Classifieds Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements for running FirstClass Classifieds?

FirstClass Classifieds is designed to run on a UNIX webserver running CGI/PERL. Following is a list of requirements:
-Ability to run PERL scripts through CGI
-PERL version 5.0 or newer
-Access to CRON

It has been tested on Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD servers running Apache web server.

How many ads can the system hold?

FirstClass Classifieds can store anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 ads or more.

I need help understanding the requirements and I really want to set up my own classifieds, can you help?

Yes! Feel free to Contact Us with any technical or general questions.

What are the benefits of running a classifieds ads on my website?

-Fresh content that keeps people coming back to your site.
-Profit - After a time, your classifieds site will be generating a steady revenue stream.
- Low cost of operation. You can run your own classifieds site for just the cost of your ISP's account, around $20.00 month.
- Automation. The software runs itself! Maintenence of Ads (expirations, warnings, etc.) are all automated. Owners of ads can edit their own ads and lookup lost passwords online.

I already have a website up and running, how hard is it to integrate FirstClass Classifieds into it?

It's easy! FirstClass Classifieds uses HTML templates that you can customize to match your existing site's graphics, banners, etc. Free help is available.

Can I use Microsoft FrontPage to edit the classifieds templates?

Yes,you can use FrontPage to import the templates into a new "web" on your PC with FrontPage and edit them. You can install new graphics, buttons, images, javascript, flash, etc. Care must be taken to prevent FrontPage from tampering with and introducing problems to the PERL scripts and classifieds configuration files - this is true whenever using FrontPage on a website that was not wholly designed with FrontPage. It is also not always possible to publish using FrontPage so we recommend using a separate FTP client. A terrific free FTP client is available called CuteFTP. A tutorial for using FrontPage to edit the templates will be published soon.

I don't have a site at all, can I still use FirstClass Classifieds?

Yes! Many of our clients have started up web businesses based around FirstClass Classifieds.

I don't know how to do web design, can you help?

Yes, Electricware can provide affordable graphics, logo design, and website design. Contact us for more information.

We are a non-profit organization, can we get a free or reduced price on the Classifieds Software?

Yes - Electricware has a not-for-profit program for qualified customers. We consider eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you are interested in this program.

My ISP runs xyz UNIX, will the software run on it?

Contact us and let us know the version of UNIX. We'll get right back to you with an answer. If you don't know, contact us and we'll be glad to work with your ISP to verify compatibility. Chances are we can get you up and running quickly.

I know installing scripts on a UNIX server can be frustrating, can you help?

Absolutely! ISP's are all a little different making it difficult to develop an Installation procedure that will work in all cases. For that reason, we always offer the software for you, free of charge, and provide you with a mirrored archive of the installation so that you can re-install yourself easily if needed.

Will FirstClass Classifieds run on a Windows server with ActivePERL installed?

No, the software has not been tested on a Windows server. Some of the functions rely on UNIX system commands that don't exist on Windows. If you're interested in a Windows port, contact us.

How does FirstClass Classifieds securely handle credit card data?

FirstClass Classifieds does not keep, transmit, or store credit card numbers. When an ad is placed that requires credit card billing, the ad poster is sent to the processing company's secure server. After a successful payment, they are returned to the classifieds site and the billing takes place separately. At no point does the classifieds software handle any credit card information.

Can I use a different credit card processor other than PayPal?

Yes. FirstClass Classifieds is designed by default to work with PayPal, and has also been successfully integrated with other processing companies such as,, and to name a few. For an additional $100 we will customize the code to work with the credit card processor of your choice.

Why do I need to run a CRON script?

FirstClass Classifieds is designed to be as low maintenance as possible. In order for the software to expire ads and generate the daily utilization reports for the administrator, it is necessary for a maintenance script to be run daily. This is best accomplished by setting up a "CRON" job that will automatically run this script at a preset time. Electricware will set this up free of charge for you.

My ISP won't let me run CRON and I don't want to switch ISP's - what are my options?

Unfortunately, many ISP's do not allow access to one of the most useful functions of a UNIX system due to abuse by former customers. Often times your ISP will be willing to examine the maintenance script and allow you to run it. The maintenance script can be run manually from the admin screen and for an additional $60.00/year, Electricware can remotely run this script for you.

What is the Ad Watch function all about?

If you enable this function, people visiting your site will be able to request that the Classifieds site notify them via e-mail if an Ad is placed that matches their criteria. For example, Bob really wants a skateboard. He can use Ad Watch to create a request so that anytime someone places an ad containing the word "skateboard", bob gets an e-mail sent to him. This email will contain a link to the ad as well as a "Cancel Ad Watch" link. These Ad Watch requests will live on the system for whatever amount of days you (the Administrator) set in the Administration screen.

Can I change the digits for the hit counter?

Yes! Simply replace the images that are used to create the hit counters with the images of your choice. They are in the /classifieds_images/digit0.gif through digit9.gif.

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